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Whether your specialty is agriculture, construction, or industry, needing to move large loads and heavy materials on a regular basis calls for the most reliable help you can get. Manitou forklifts and telehandlers can help you accomplish more work faster, and their machines are made to function indoors and outdoors to accommodate a wide range of industry needs. The right lift for your work site depends on average load size and weight and height requirements.

If you need the versatility to both lift and suspend loads while moving across a variety of terrains, Manitou telehandlers offer an ideal fusion of the capabilities of forklifts, backhoes, and cranes. The MHT 10135 ST5 can lift loads of over 25,000 pounds and has a maximum lift height of nearly 32 feet. It features a 173-horsepower engine and hydrostatic transmissions, as well as an enclosed cabin, 4 driving and steering wheels, and compatibility with a number of attachments. 

For a more traditional forklift style that thrives on construction sites and in fields and yards, check out one of our all-terrain Manitou forklift trucks. These innovative and unique rough-terrain forklifts can traverse dirt, sand, mud, and snow without issue, without compromising any of the functionality of a traditional forklift. No matter your load, a forklift truck can handle the job. 

Financing one of these vehicles is quick and easy. Enjoy zero down payment and flexible options for monthly payments on plans up to 72 months.


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